Membership and Credentials

Chair: Chris Welch, President Elect, Sinclair State Community College

The membership and Credentials Committee will actively promote membership in the Association, certify the Association membership list and determine membership class and eligibility for purposes of participation in Association activities.

Research and Evaluation

Chair: Vicki Ampiaw, Bowling Green State University

The Research and Evaluation Committee will include, but not be limited to, the research, evaluation, and planning related to the Association purposes and goals.  This committee will be a general resource to all Association committees.

Special Concerns and Affiliations


The Special Concerns and Affiliations Committee is to ensure the representation and/or input of special populations in Association activities and decisions.

Legislation and Education

Co-Chairs: Krystle rivera, Kent State University & L. Michael Parker, University of Akron

The legislation and Education Committee will monitor federal, state, and local legislation, policies, and rules and regulations for both secondary and postsecondary and graduate education as they pertain to TRIO/EOP and related programs and services.

Educational Concerns & Scholarships

Chair: Mya jordan, Columbus State Community College

The Educational Concerns & Scholarships committee will serve in the role of developing and implementing the scholarship selection process for all awards provided through EOA and the EOA Education Foundation.

Editorial and Publications

Chair: Jacob White, Sinclair community College

The responsibility of the Editorial and Publications Committee is the development and continuing publication of the Association newsletter.  The committee shall work in conjunction with the Legislation and Education committee to produce the Association Fact Book.

Student Leadership Conference

Co-Chairs: Dr. Cheri Westmoreland, University of Cincinnati & Cynthia Partridge, University of Cincinnati

The Annual Conference Committee is to coordinate all aspects of planning, implementing and evaluating for the annual Student Leadership Conference.

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Professional Development

Co-Chairs: Patty Robinson, Kent State University & Adam Cinderich, Kent State University

The Professional Development Committe will address the Association membership matters pertaining to professional ethics and standards, and with the responsibility of developming or otherwise providing professional development, training, and advancement activities and opportunities which contribute to the conpetency, status, and image of Association members.


Chair: John Anene, Central State University

The Finance Committee is to develop the annual budget for the Association and to submit the proposed budget to the Board of Directors for approval.

Nominations & Elections

Chair: Carolyn Felton, Univeristy of Akron

The Nominations and Elections Committee will develop and implement a process for the selection of candidates for officers of the Association in accordance with the guidelines set down in the Constitution and bylaws.

Annual Conference

Co-Chairs: Julie Szeltner, College Now & Jasmina Waters, Kent State University

The Annual Conference Committee is to coordinate all aspects of planning, implementing and evaluating for the Annual Professional Conference.

Association Planning and Development

Chair: Bonnie Munguia, Baldwin Wallace University

The Association Planning and Development Committee is to serve as a resource to the Board of Directors and the Associaition committees and Chapters.

Legal concerns and constitutional Issues

Co-Chairs: Chris Welch, Sinclair State community college & Kenneth W. Goodrum, University of Dayton

The Legal Concerns and constitutional Issues Committee is to advise the Board of Directors regarding resolutions brought  by Associaition members, interpreting constitutional issues and concerns, maintaining and recommending revisions of the Constitution and Bylaws and other Association documents, and performing other related duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

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Chair: W. Ricky Pleasant, University of Cincinnati

The responsibility of the committee is to assess and keep up with the technology needs and demands of the Association.

COE Fair Share

Chair: Thomas Jefferson, Kent State University

The responsibility of this committee is to ensure that the association connects with the Council For Opportunity in Education to meet its Fair Share goal which aides in the advocacy of first generation and low income students.

TRIO Achieversand Alumni Development

Chairs: Stepon Brown, Kent State University

The responsibility of this committee is to establish TRIO Achievers within the state. Also, build a strong alumni network.

Marketing and Communication



History & Archives

Chair: Callie Stokes, Baldwin Wallace University

The respnsibility of the History and Archives Committee is to develop a chair and consistent blueprint for gathering and maintaining the Association history.

National TRIO Day

Chair: Phyllis Swanigan, Wittenberg University

The responsibility of the National TRIO Day committee is to gather and promote TRIO day activities throughout the state.

Past Presidents' Council

Co-Chairs: Ashley Benson, North Central State College & Eddie Chambers, Wittenberg University

The purpose of the Past Presidents' Council is to provide Association history and guidance to the current Association President and President-Elect.

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Ohio TRIO is a member of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) (formerly MAEOPP), one of the 10 regional associations that comprise the Council for Opportunity in Education. TRIO programs in Ohio receive funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Federal TRIO Programs. Ohio TRIO is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization.  Feel free to contact us via email at

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